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File: Main

Save Format


  • New: Create a new file with defaults applied. Ctrl-N.
  • Open: Open an existing file. Ctrl-O.
  • Save: Save the current drawing. Ctrl-S.
  • Save As: Save the current drawing to a particular file.
  • Rename: Rename the current drawing.
  • Print: Print the entire drawing. Cap fits the drawing to the page.
  • Print Screen: Print the current view of the drawing.
  • Page Setup: Edit page size, orientation, and margins. Page Setup settings are global.
  • Center Printing: Center drawing content instead of placing the content at the leading edge of the page. This setting is global.
  • Exit: Exit the application.
  • Recent: Access a recently used file. Recent files are added upon a successful File Save or File Open.
  • Context Menus: Right click a drawing tab to bring up the context menu (Save, Rename, Close). Right click in the area to the right of the drawing tabs to bring up the context menu (New, Open...).