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View: Main


Panning: To pan, hold down the right mouse button and drag to the desired location. When done, release the mouse button.

Zooming: Use the mouse wheel (or Page Up/Down) to zoom in or out on a location. The zoom factor is 1.5. To fit the drawing to the screen, click the Zoom to Fit button, "ZFt". Use View->Zoom to Window mode to navigate to a specific region of a large drawing very quickly.

Layers: Add, remove, rename, and reposition layers. All layers should have unique names. Hidden layers are not visible. Blocked layers are not interactive.

Grid Display: Display grid points at the specified x and y values, starting at the origin. The grid will not be displayed if the grid points are too close together.

Precision: Set the number of viewable decimal places for displayed numerical values.

Coordinates Display: Change the coordinate type that is displayed in the coordinate window. Note that the Last Point is the last point entered as input by the user.

  • Absolute: coordinates are relative to the origin (0,0)
  • Relative: coordinates are relative to the Last Point
  • Polar: coordinates are given in (distance, degrees) form relative to Last Point
  • Last Point: coordinates are equal to the Last Point
  • Absolute Polar: coordinates are given in (distance, degrees) form relative to the origin (0,0)